Tuesday, June 10, 2008

circa April 12, 2007
(pregnant, with slight hormonal undertones)
an amazing creation of geometry, color, and beauty.
A good design website-
there to inspire and pull you out of the decorating rut.
“That’s what she said” jokes-
if you don’t know what they are,
then consider yourself lucky.
Delicately laid by a songbird in a wispy nest
of gathered twigs and twine.
Speckled by nature, or in shades of blue
and brown, pure lines of simplicity.
A kiss on the neck-
humbuddu, humbuddu, humbuddu….
call me crazy, but the goddier the better.
I want it dripping with crystals and covered
with metal flowers, and painted in grandma’s
favorite colors. Chandeliers give an ambience of drama
and make a girl feel like a woman,
and a boy feel like…..
well, Liberace I guess.
A dance party-
turn the music up loud,
let your hairdown,
call in the children,
let your body interpret the mood of the song
weaving a story of celebration and fertility.
Lays Italian Rosemary and Herb Chips-
Oh my freakalicious!
They are limited edition so grab them while you can-
plus they’re made with 100% pure sunflower
oil so you don’t feel as guilty.
Eat them slowly, little crispy nibbles at a time.
Pretend like you’re in France on your quaint country
farm and you just harvested potatoes and herbs from
the garden. You’re sitting in the rustic kitchen-
there’s a copper pot with something bubbling
inside over the rock covered fireplace, sunlight is
streaming in through the wavy glass of the windows
and casting shadows on the old wooden floors.
You are wearing a peasant dress and apron with
your long wavy hair hanging over your ample
youthfulness. After you peal and thinly slice the
potatoes you fry them in the fat from the spring
suckling that Sven had prepared….
oh, and speaking of Sven, here he enters now
after just feeding the horses, the glow of
hard work visible on his tan skin….
I think you get the idea of how they make me feel…
Clearance Sections-
my heart goes a-flutter when I see that
red clearance sign. I don’t care if it’s limegreen
permanent markers, paper bags with“congratulations grad!”
along the top, or dill pickle flavored pork rinds.
At some point everyone needs to surrender to a
good sale and buy at least fifteen expired bags of
super hot fiery cheetos for just eight cents a piece.
Sweet smelling hand soap-
where would I be without youmy sweet
smelling hand soap… I’ve just changed a diaper,
cut an onion, or come home from thrift store shopping.
Thank you for your antibacterial action and
array of fruity flavors.