Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Brian!
We are sending love vibes and well wishes across the world
to Singapore hoping that you’ll catch them and have a terrific day!
B- brave, boss, brawny, breadwinner
R- real, responsible, religious, radical

I- intelligent, incredible, integrity, impressive

A- amazing, athletic, awesome, adventurous

N- narly, neighborly, natural, noble,


Friday, June 27, 2008

heart heavy in choices
salt water drops
melancholy trance
thoughts are languorous
which path
air in viscous hush
prayers of pestering burdens
pick me up
silly house
brimming silly stuff
what consequential matters
make eyes that sting
head and heart that quiver
feet drag
render it right
shape it secure
you choose
I will follow
swirling discomfiture

5SF Edition 14

Today was a pretty boring day as far as eating went,
but every now and then I popped in one of these babies,
ALTOIDS creme de menthe
reminds me of my favorite gum ORBIT sweet mint

TOCCA stella


ART by


Until When We Are Ghosts

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I love Swaps!!

Are you kidding me yumminess and cuteness?
We got a note in the mail today saying that there was
a package at the post office for me.
I wasn't expecting anything.
Then Chris walked in the door and said,
"How much do you love me?"
After the playful taunting because he knew he had something
good in his possession he handed me the package.
What a treat! And I do mean literal treat!!
Emily had sent me oodles of fabulous things-



Scrumptious Snickerdoodles and Fancy Chocolate Wafer Cookies
that came in a cute sewn bug bag that I can't wait to
savor with a big glass of cold milk- girl, you can bake!!


Adorable handmade doll that I was oogling on her blog...
serious cuteness, I love the ribbon tag on the side and the buttons!


Wonderful Stained Glass Ship, so perfect coming from Rhode Island
(my past swap partner is from there too,
I think that place is calling my name!)


Fresh and tingly tinted lip gloss from C.O. Bigelow Apothecaries


Sweet double lip balm sugar from Tutti Dolci


for the surprises and thoughtfulness!
They are truly things that I love and will be
my new favorite things!!

Lara Robby

This picture totally caught my eye on Designismine

It's by photographer Lara Robby.

I had to go check out the rest of her photos...

such talent,

and I love the colors!

Happy Birthday Alison!!

Cute Alison had a birthday yesterday!

It's hard to believe that she hasn't been snatched up yet...
she's beautiful, (ummm hello hottie)
sweet, (always has a fantastic smile and kind words to say)
great with kids, (holds all the babies and they love her)
hardworking, (always has a steady job even during school)
smart (just graduated college- you go girl!!)
patriotic (serving in Utah Air National Guard- she rocks the camo!)

We don't get to see her enough,
usually when someone is getting blessed or baptized,
but her sparkling personality always lights up the room!!


Chris' sister and brother- Alison & Jason

We love you Alison!!

Happy Birthday from the Schofield's!!

for you-

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Jairus from Jackson

My brother Jairus is visiting from Jackson Hole.
I tend to morph into a different person when I'm with him
much to Chris' shagrine. We get a little crazy and out of control,
but only because we are on the same wave-length as far as coolness goes.

He came bearing gifts from a fabulous shop that he works at...PURE.

He knows my affection for all things gnomish...

And this is some sweet smelling perfume...

Yesterday we took a jaunt into Salt Lake where he treated me to a pedicure and a mouth watering lunch at our favorite place- Normandy. Even the water was delicious with lemon and mint. We swung by a couple of our stomping grounds including Jolley's Pharmacy for some red, white, and blue gumballs and Cactus and Tropicals for a topiary and mint plant so I can have my own yummy water at home.

Thanks Jair Bair for a fun day, no one makes me laugh like you do...

Oh my gosh, I totally know her!....I read her blog.

Your kids are so well-behaved!

Have you seen my homework?

You know what to do!!

Nana G's Birthday in the Canyon

Nana G turns 28 today:)

So last night we went up in the canyon

for a little early celebration.

It was nice and cool,

and good to get away from the heat of the valley.

Hot dogs seem to be a trend in our outings lately,

but Nana made her famous noodle salad

and we gobbled up chips, vegies, shrimp dip, and cake.

Landon getting cozy with the fire

Oliver and Will-

cousin buddies

Recently, Nana and Pa's long time companion "Rocky"

passed away...he was such a good dog, and is very missed.

Their new puppy "Maggie" should keep them busy at just 7 weeks old.

Everyone loved meeting her for the first time....cute as can be!


Gracie and Addy-

cousin buddies

Happy Birthday Nana G! We love you!!

Break Dancin' BBQ FHE

On the menu:
Assortment of Beverages
Chicken Kabobs
Hot Dogs
Chips & Watermelon
Savory Caeser Pasta Salad
Scrumptious Fruit Salad
Delectable Cous Cous Salad
Gummi Bear Ice Cream Cones
Popcorn Popping
Mormon Rap with Breaker Boy accompaniment
Girly Dance Routine

Potato Sack Race


Thanks to all our homies for the good times!

You know you've had a good party when...

a bedroom has been toilet papered,

5 bandaides were used,

you laugh till you cry,

tummies are full of good food,

the men quote lines from

Monty Python and Dumb and Dumber,

and the girls are talking shopping in the living room.

Horse Sale Recap

Last Saturday we made a drive up to
Promontory Point for the Annual Fort Ranch Horse Sale.
Because of construction and a road closure our drive ended
being three hours, but it was well worth it for the kids
to spend some time in the great outdoors with their cousins
getting dirty and sunkissed.

We spotted the swans alive and thriving that were brought

down from the house in Idaho.

Tade stayed cool in the shade during the sale with dad

while mom ventured the mountainside with the kids.

Ollie loved exploring.

Landon caught lots of beautiful dragon flies

and then released them unharmed,

okay maybe only one is missing a wing...

Papa Bear sports his hat only for special events like this
where there's wranglers, big belt buckles and manure.

Grandpa gave the boys rides on the mountainside on top

of the Hummer while mom held her breath waiting for

a child to bounce off the hood.

It was all good.

Then the girls had a ride which differed only in their screams.

The kids found a pond that had formed from a fresh spring

coming out of the hillside and caught

tadpoles and minnows in the water.

One of our favorite parts in when the cowboys

release the horses after the sale.