Monday, November 28, 2011

White Place Flea Market (july30)

Every creative girl dreams of having a sister who likes to "make things" as much as her and who has the entrepreneur bug just like her... that sister of mine is Simply Sadie Jane.  We have over ten years age difference, but we are so much alike that it's almost too much for the world to handle, hehehe.  Sadie invited me to make up some "stuff" and collect all my vintage goodies to share a booth with her at the White Place Flea Market.  It was a blast!  I loved experiencing this with her, and although I've done a boutique or two in my time, her enthusiasm and sparkling charm made it even more fun than any other I've done before.  Don't be surprised if we open a store someday;)


Sadie Jane said...

You know all my creativity comes from you!! EVERY SINGLE MORSEL!! You are my muse! Thanks for letting me tag along on your goodness!