Monday, November 28, 2011

Landon turns 12 (sept11)

It's a good thing Landon doesn't read this blog because I'm about to gush about how dang darling he is... I mean really, have you ever seen such a cute handsome young man in your life? Didn't think so.  This year was special because he received the priesthood which means a lot of things, but mostly that I get to proudly look upon him every Sunday as he joins the other stripling warriors passing sacrament at church.  Landon is the first to give me a heartfelt hug and the first to get his jobs done.  Landon is smart and creative and excells at all he puts his mind to.  I already have several arranged marriage proposals by other mothers for their own cute daughters to snatch him up someday... not that we take part in such activities, but it's fun to see that I'm not the only one who thinks so highly of him ;) Thanks to all the family that traveled so far to support his priesthood ordination and be here for such a neat day!


DianeM said...

You've been busy today updating your blog! Love all the news. I had to laugh out loud at Landon's birthday breakfast of choice...I thought only my kids asked for the most absurd concoctions. But no, I think string cheese, eggs with ketchup and chocolate pop-tarts wins!!
You're the cutest mom, I love and admire you from afar!!

Sadie Jane said...

Ok this post also made me tear up...goodness I'm hormonal and just simply obsessed with your children!