Monday, November 28, 2011

"Know Whoo You Are" (nov15)

*Young Women in Excellence*
Together Addy and I planned and carried out the annual activity in young womens where the girls share the personal progress projects they have completed throughout the year.  Months ago while shopping at Fred Meyer I saw a cute canvas with a picture of an owl on it and the words "Know Whoo you Are".  I immediately thought how darling of a theme that would be for a future activity.  After making every owl creation known to man for this night, I slowly watched the once cute idea resemble a baby shower... it's an understatement when I say I'm a little "owled out".  Despite this, and the fact that only eight girls were able to come that night, I feel like we had a great message and it was neat to see all the projects and value quilts the girls finished this year.  Addy's is below...


Sadie Jane said...

WOW sara!! Look at all that hard work and amazing talent you put into that!! LOVE the pom poms in all the colors!! You are amazing!