Monday, November 28, 2011

My First Learning Circle (sept 7)

Our family moved to Idaho Falls two and a half years ago, and I'm just now starting to see beyond the adjustment of raising our last toddler and slowly remodeling our 70's house enough to add an exciting "me" project to the mix. After hearing about "learning circles" from a dear friend who started her own, I knew this was just the thing I needed.  I thoughtfully and prayerfully decided on who I could ask to be a part of this group (afterall, there are so many exceptional women around me!) I proposed the idea to a few friends, but mostly women I admired from afar that I wanted to get to know better, and who I thought would add great discussion to a group like this.  It was a little tricky keeping the group to just 10 people, especially since I could have included my sisters and other women from my neighborhood that I enjoy being around, but in the end, I let the spirit guide me in knowing who best could benefit from being part of our group.  Already I have seen blessing and miracles from sharing our intimate lives together.

Part book club, part girls’ night out and part support group, a Learning Circle is a group of mothers who read an article on motherhood each month and come together to discuss it while sharing their own experiences and ideas. Each month we read a short and powerful essay on motherhood provided by The Power of Moms website that goes with the month’s theme. Then we come together to discuss what we read. Topics include patience, optimism, priorities, organization, balance, fun, progress – topics all moms need!

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