Monday, November 28, 2011

Tader Tot (sept19)

Oh Tade.
I have learned so much from you this past year.
I have learned that I should trust my instincts.  I have learned that even though you have a high spirited, high energy, high activity personality, that with time, things mellow out just enough.  Your sweet pixie smile and warm heart always won me in the end, and even though it would have been super easy to take a different route to deal with the crazy stage you were in, I'm so glad that I listened to the spirit and rode the wave.  Now you are more mature, yet still strong willed, but I can see if I am patient you will grow to be something great.  What an awesome power being a parent is that can spoil or nurture a child... what an amazing responsibility it is to make sure you turn out to be all that God has intended for you.  Thank you for being understanding and forgiving when my fuse is short and thank you for not smearing anymore yogurt into the piano keys.
I love you sweet Tade.