Monday, November 28, 2011

ThanksGiving (nov24)

Good golly were we looking forward to Thanksgiving this year or what?!  Such a perfect time to escape to the wilderness and just be together huh?  Am I asking a lot of rhetorical questions?  It was noisy and crazy, but somehow we found comfort in all the busy bodies... like a buzzing hive full of worker bees.  My heart almost broke in two when Connor (Brian's son) was sitting at the bar drinking his rootbeer and talking about how much fun he would be having if his dad was there, and how much he missed him.  We sure did miss you Brian.  It's hard to carry on with you not here, but I suppose we'll re-learn how to be a family
with you watching over us.
I love my family so much.
Rachel. Sadie. Sara.
 The Turkey Team.
Jason. Cheri. Dad
 Confetti Salsa, a crowd favorite
Bad posture but shiny hair, and those tarts were mmmmm good.
 aahhh, the cute twinner chinese puzzle makers;)
 Just Hangin' Tough
like a new kid on the block.
 some yay-hoos we found in the mountains
 Hailey did exactly what we ALL wish we'd done.
Lick it clean girlfriend.
yum yum.
Thanks for the marvelous pictures Simply Sadie Jane;)