Monday, November 28, 2011

Capistrano (oct 14-23)

Chris' parents planned a most splendid trip for a weeks stay at a beachhouse in Capistrano.  They grew up coming here almost every Christmas, but we all agreed that if we came sooner in the year we might be able to enjoy some warmer weather.  Warm or not, sand and the sound of the waves crashing against the beach at night was all we needed to relax and forget our worries.  Totally chill and free to do whatever we pleased all week, was just the medicine our busy family needed to rejuvenate our souls.
Driving down in the Denali. In&Out. Vegas overnighter. talk radio. Baja Fresh. Rancho relaxin'. Pink Berry. Sister wives. circle of life lesson by Crew. sleepovers. fog. Trader Joes. Jacks Surf Shop. pizza. Costco. drip sand castles. Uncle Jons awesome sand pit. painting nails. flashlights. puzzles and games. favorite things for the girls. fish tacos. Ezra's birthday. Flank steak, twice baked potatoes and green beans. Rip Curl outlet. reading books. taffy. sweatshirts. sandy floors. Leslie's vegie sandwiches. lobster curry baked in a pumpkin. sunglasses. movies. napping. boogie boarding. candy store. beach shopping. youtube videos. bro. Greek food. magazines. visit to grandma and grandpa Bair's. dinner with Dave and Sarah. rattlesnake. beautiful singing. collecting shells. seaweed. surfing. jumping waves. wearing sunscreen. Nana G's yellow jacket. sleeping on the roof. upside down lipsyncing. stuffing the garbages. wet towels. duct tape creations. paper cups. saying goodbye. long drive home. St. George. back home to the cold.
for a GREAT vacation!!!!!!!


Jill said...

You are seriously ridiculous.
Beautiful? Check.
Fun? Check.
Crazy in love with your hubby? Check. (You can tell just by looking at you!!)

Just amazing. I am blessed to know you, my dear!
Loving catching 2 minute block at a time!

Sadie Jane said...

New favorite picture of you and chris SPOTTED!!