Tuesday, March 1, 2011

read with me

My friend Nadia of la porte rouge started an online book club.  Our last reading was Tess of the D'Urbervilles written by Thomas Hardy.

.every month a book will be selected

.you would prepare a meal, dessert or drink that related to the book( up to your interpretation) and you can enjoy while reading!

.we would all post about the book on the same day

.the post could include photographs, artwork or music that made you think of the book.

.what you cooked/drank and why

.it can also include the cover of your version of the book!
I have a few chapters left and then I'm done.  Tomorrow I'll share about the book, it's been a pretty heavy read.  But for today, the first day of March, I'd like to profess my commitment to a month straight of journaling everyday.  I promise, it's really going to happen, come hell or high water, or steers, or glitter, or pizza, or mass hysteria.

The next book... Jane Eyre


Katie Lofts said...

This sounds so fun!