Monday, March 28, 2011

Nerdin' it Up

Isn't he adorable?! 
Sometimes at our house the computers and phones don't work and the internet is down.  Actually this has been happening a lot lately... I call it being "in the VORTEX".  It's as if our house is perfectly positioned within the universe on some wiggity twilight zone time continuum that makes it get similiar problems to what planes experience flying over the Burmuda Triangle.  So due to technical difficulties, I couldn't blog all weekend... but I think it was because nerdish energy was so thick in the air, I probably could have cut it with a light saber... or wifi cable... or best buy credit card... or some slow motion matrix manuever. 
Jason, Chris' brother from another mutha came to stay a couple days with us.  This is a chance for "the boys" (brothers and friends) to get all the geekery out of their systems.  And I don't name drop words like nerd and geek to be a meany, but rather as terms of endearment that they give me license to use freely in reference to their awesomeness.
Friday night they started at Five Guys Burgers and a Heart-attack (and Fries) and then they went to a dorky man movie, I forget the name;)  The rest of the night (until 4am) was spent gaming it up at our house.  Saturday, after a semi healthy lunch created by mother hen (me) to cancel out the chips and candy consumed the night before, Chris took Jason and our two oldest kiddos shooting in the freezing cold.  I think despite this they had a fun time.  Chris is a cowboy at heart and loved trying out his new Henry Goldenboy 22.  Jason is adored by all his nephews and niece.  Charlie especially took a liking to him even with it being their first meeting.  Saturday night after dinner at Betos (pronunciation is debatable) the boys congregated once more to the xbox's while munching on homemade caramel popcorn and giant soda's.  The next morning Jason left like a thief in the night to get back in time for work in Salt Lake City.  We sure wish we saw him and his sister Alison more often, but are grateful for the sacrafice he made to drive up here and visit us... I might add, that I did sweeten the deal and bribed him with sour patch watermelons:)

 Papa Bear
Calamity Jane
Wyatt Earp
 Don't even ask me what this creepy expression is all about... yikes.
You wanna come stay with us?
Treats included.
And complimentary weird facial articulations.

Visit Jason's gaming blog here...


Bobbi said...

Candy AND big sodas??? I will come stay at your house anytime! Seriously!!