Thursday, March 10, 2011


california here i come. quick packing. allegiant air. delayed flight. reading march ensign. ipod. 70-80 degrees. girls pull up and honk. trader joes goodies on my seat- crackers, brie, diet pepsi, scotty licorice dogs, chocolate almonds, joejoes, toffee. getting tricked into getting feathered. tammy gimme glitz. pedicures at villagio. jason and devin watch the kids. fontana. beautiful home. sweet and sour chicken. eating slowly. mag on bed. long talks. puffy air mattress. sleeping in. caramel rolls. rancho cucamonga. shopping at victoria gardens. anthro. forever 21. outfit for addy. urban outfitters. flashlight rings. cherokee nation shorts. cool dudes. francheska's. pink berry. chilling out. naptime. water balloons. lizards. in a pickle baseball. patient mothers. clean mothers. loving mothers. chips and salsa. skyping. jason's potatoes. miley cyrus. newport. no bake turds. sandwiches. beach. long car rides. wind and sand. seashells. brave kiddos in the cold ocean. sweet dads. sassy sisters. soaking it in. reading. king taco. unlocked door. devins amazing building projects. jasons swift driving skillz. china town. bowing street performer. pinkberry again. dots cupcakes. rose bowl. pasadena. rad houses. frantic phone call. sunkissed face. finley and her pretties. little buddy crew. hazel kisses. chickfila. saying goodbye. waiting.  home again home again jiggity jig.
thank you chris for surprising me with such a marvelous trip! thank you jason and devin for watching the kids and giving up time with your wives! thank you rachel and eliza for being amazing hostesses and treating me like a queen! all of the driving, and pampering, and eating, and talking, and sunshine filled me up good!


Jill said...

Oh Sara. What a blissful trip. Sooooo glad you got to get away.

Can I come next time? ;)

Liza said...

So much fun. We miss you. We got some good pics!

Sadie Jane said...

Oh how wonderfuL!! Seriously that is so extremely exciting!! How fun! I am so glad you had so much fun.

onesilentwinter said...

i am so glad you had time in the sun!