Thursday, March 3, 2011

Crying with Tess

Reading Tess of the D'Urbervilles during the climax of the longest winter of my life did not bode well for Sara.  But maybe, it just made my isolated shell of a spirit that much more romantic and embellished.  The ugly cry made its curtain call several times this week as I weathered through some crumbling matters, and this book only dotted the i's, and crossed the t's of my emotions.  The beginning to middle built slowly and beautifully, and I anticipated that the worst situation to the plot was past, until toward the end of the book all at once Thomas Hardy decided to make milk sour.  With flawed and human characters, I found my mind becoming frustrated with misunderstandings and lack of forgiveness... how apropos to life.  Tragic Tess was a strong woman, and yet so weak in her blinding love.  I'm so glad Nadia chose this as the first book for the bookclub, because I don't think I would have ever found it on my own.  I adore it when I know nothing about a book before I read it and I'm surprised with each page turn... books are so awesome... and enveloping... good thing I'm reading Jane Eyre next, that's not depressing AT ALL...(wink wink)  Actually it's one of my favorite stories, so I can't wait to dive in!

eating inspired by the book- wheat bagel with honey, havarti cheese, blueberries, milk




Judy said...

Doesn't sound like a light read....? I am so excited about blog I can keep up with you and your family. I am so struggling with this move, but you helped me so much when I learned I can buy caramel bricks at Orson Giggi's :<} Hee Hee. I sure do love you. You are going to be wonderful in YW! I felt it in my bones!

Jill said...

Completely STUNNING. From the first picture to the last.
I haven't had a deep read in a while. I may have to give it a read.

Sadie Jane said...

YOU. ARE. GORGEOUS. Oh I love you! Why are you so amazing!?

Dad said...

My eldest in serious reflection- talented, loving, responsible, and beautiful you are. Love the amazing pictures and music.