Monday, March 14, 2011


For over a week now the Imperial Army has been attacking my computer, and Darth Virus shuts it down every three minutes... totally frustrating!  Have you ever gone a week without a computer?  It's like Chewbacca going a day without growling.  Obi-Wan (Chris) was crazy busy getting ready for the big Bull Sale that turned out to be a huge success, so he wasn't able to come rescue me from the droid's predicament... I pretty much turned into Jaba for the week.  So much for posting everyday, but I will continue to use The Force daily even if the internet doesn't witness my mad Jedi skillz. 
My very own Anakin (Tade) and I have been enjoying games of Jenga, and the following pictures depict a typical game... his facial expressions are better than Princess Leia's buns.
(wow star wars is exhausting... and cheesy.)