Monday, February 28, 2011

Blush and Boxes

I think my mantle is officially the "family storefront" for the holiday's.  I love decorating it for each passing celebration of the seasons.  It's so fun to gather just the right items to portray the feeling we want in our home for that month... tonight I will take down Valentinesy love stuff and replace it with Easter... I'm hoping my springy vibes will usher in warmer weather.

 The boys had fun this year decorating their valentine boxes for school.  Addy was a little sad watching them work on everything since she has moved past all the juvenile preparations now that she's in junior high.  It's these weird milestones that really show me how fast time is flying by.
Landon found the most perfect box to make an XBOX 360 case to hold his valentines...
Chris helped with the finer details of course.  Doesn't it look real?!

 Oliver's box was all about simplicity!  And just as I imagined, his box meant to look like a moldy piece of cheese from out the children's book Diary of a Wimpy Kid, produced an epidemic within the classroom of the "cheese touch".  I helped with his class party this year and it was so fun to watch the kids excitedly pass out their valentines to eachother.  Check out his buddies birthday cake box, what a masterpiece:)  They ate yummy treats laced with sugar, played valentines bingo, and made candy airplanes.