Friday, February 25, 2011

December 2010 Happenings

December was busy, busy, busy.
Before Thanksgiving, the kids had their piano recital at the festival of trees and played Christmas songs... Addy played "Joy to the World" and Landon played "Up on the Housetop"...pity that I have videos and no pictures, but they both did awesome!  Landon finished up playing on a basketball team with the YMCA and had a great time.  I would love to show pictures of him playing, but they were on my phone that Charlie threw in the toilet... mmmm yummy.

 A fortunate outcome from the unfortunate fender bender of November, was that we received a surprising amount of money for our totalled van and was able to purchase this Denali.  With a growing family of five kids and for traveling we totally needed the space, but I sure miss the convenience of the little mini van where the kids could just jump right in and it was easy to buckle everyone up.  Although I must admit that I feel pretty safe in this tank, and the sound system is so fantastic that it makes me want to drive straight for the border just so I can crank it up and get in the zone... not so I can purchase sandals and sangria, I promise (wink wink).
 Chris had a company Christmas party with Riverbend Ranch where we had a nice dinner and gift exchange.  We are really blessed to have such a great job, and Chris works with some amazingly talented and hardworking people. I think we are both humbled by the experiences we have and feel like this is where we are supposed to be.
The following week brought upon our household many maladies, and from December through January it was cold after flu after more colds.  This has definitely been the longest winter eeevvveeerrrr.  It's so hard to stay chipper when the temp outside is near zero and we can't enjoy some fresh air here in Idaho... it gives new meaning to "family togetherness"... together we share our germs, and together we all get sick. (postal workers have nothing to do with our sicknesses, I just enjoyed this gentlemans face mask)
 A holiday highlight is always the dance recitals.  Addy and Ollie were both in hip hop classes and developed a groovy swagger.  Addy has really learned to loosen up from her once percise ballerina body, and loves the modern twist of hip hop.  Oliver is in an all boys class and these guys usually steal the show... so adorable... I mean cool.