Friday, February 25, 2011

growing old

Last years birthday was a little different.  Three special gifts were bestowed upon me including... a large collection of never before recognized coarse grey hairs at the tippy top of my noggin... a failed my tooth fell out while eating holiday i need a I might as well be the Fixadent mascot... and finally a long hair appeared on my chin.  We're not talking about some wussy peach fuzz.  We're talking about Nanny McPhee proportions, growing out ready to shake your hand hair.  I just love growing older.  My rad sisters got cupcakes and a freaky clown pinata to brighten the day... so I took out my crazy old lady frustrations on that thang.  In the evening Chris and I went to a sexy Jazz basketball game.  I keep telling myself that I won't be one of those women who are all coy and mysterious about their age when people question them about how old they are... 28, thanks for asking. (sets teeth in glass of water)