Monday, February 28, 2011

Hang Time

We've been longing for our out of state family so much lately, and one our sisters is about to have a baby any second now (holla Cheri!) Even with a family as large as ours is, we still notice a void when someone is missing.  Whenever anyone comes into town, hang time together is savored where we can eat and talk and share advice with eachother... but mostly eat. This picture was taken right before we left for the airport to welcome home Caleb. 
 The cousins are already learning the fine art of a dance party... and just wait until that shiny disco ball is hung in our living room, then the funky times will really begin!!
 Love Tades rosey cheeks, shows he's really gettin' down.
 Ummmm, I promise my one year old does not have a mustache... and this dance move is entitled-
the airplane... or... the dance of questionable sobriety.