Monday, August 31, 2009

Never Never Land

First day of school was today, and I SWEAR I'm not going to talk about how big my kids are getting, or how fast time flies, or how quiet the house was, or how loooong/short the summer was, or how sad/happy I am that they are back in school, or how old I feel, or how I wish I could just freeze time and land my kids in Never Never Land so they stop growing up...



Our First Visitors

Over the weekend Nana & Pa came to stay with us and were our first visitors. We had so much fun with them just hanging out and taking in the great outdoors! We also had Chris' brother Jon and his family from Utah stop by on Sunday for dinner. It somehow made our house feel complete to have all the familiar faces around, and we look forward to lots of future visits:)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


First of all, thank you to Papa Bear for making such great memories with the kids this year, and for being so capable without me... I joke with my sisters that if I were to "pass through the veil" and leave Chris with our kids he would function perfectly well without me, and perhaps do a better job than I would do on my own. Secondly, thank you to all my siblings who I stole pictures from for this post:) It looks as though Mr. Oliver is the crabbing mascot this year...
Thai food dinner in Portland
late night swimming at the Shilo
stock your boat and let the crabbing begin!
back to the dock to measure, cook, and clean crab
Tillamook Cheese Factory for ice cream and cheese
dinner feast of the day's catch at The Troller
beach time
home again, home again, jiggity jog.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Road Trip

This weekend was the annual CRABBING TRIP to the OREGON COAST with my family. The three older kids were big enough to go but since Tade was too young and I am "great with child" and not much help I decided to hang back with him and saunter over to Utah on a road trip to visit friends and family.
Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of the whirlwind stops where radical chics dropped what they were doing and made time to briefly see me... can I just give a great big "AMEN" to my peoples in Tooele, Lehi, Lindon, and Provo... and tell you how precious you are to my bosom and how much I LOVE you all...
I had great plans to visit all my favorite boutiques and leave some goodies on YOUR doorstep, but the trip was cut short on Saturday when I just plain ran out of energy. Come to find out, wrestling a two year old when you're six months pregnant in over hundred degree weather in and out of the car to stores with lots of valuables just plain sucks the life outta ya.
I'm already dreaming of another road trip, perhaps without the "extra luggage" this time, where I can visit and hug my other fond fellows. Until then, the Leprechaun and I are patiently awaiting the arrival of the rest of the stinky Schofield clan... can't wait to help unpack the wet fishy smelling clothes... NOT! They better bring me back vintage white cheddar and caramels from Tillamook... I just know Chris is going to love the new spider ring, colorful ribbons and PAPAYA calendar I picked up...
uh yeah, sure he is.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Peaks and Valleys

We recently went to a renewal celebration for my husbands brother and his wife, (pictures to come) and it made me contemplate my relationship with Chris and the kind of life we are making with our family. Very courageous and tenderhearted words were spoken by them about peaks and valleys that we all experience in our marriages, and it is these ups and downs that strengthen us and bring us closer.
While Chris was away last year working for eight months I camped out in a very low valley. I struggled by myself during the week trying to hold everything together, but on the weekends when he would come home we realized how much we needed eachother and our love was renewed. The distance had made us grow fonder and had brought back the spice that kids and routines had taken away. There were also valleys during his tumors and radiation complications. When you have a sick spouse, there is no more dark and frightening thought than that you might be left to face your journey alone. In God's own time, Chris pulled through and we climbed a peak out of harms way. I have also felt great sorrow through heartbreaking family circumstances and Chris has carried me in these deep valley's. Then there are those times where we simply get in a groove and feel like we're living with a roommate. Couples drift apart persuing their different interests and each person is left feeling disconnected and misunderstood. Jon and Les made sacrafices in cutting out activities important to them to make more time for their family. Jon took dancing lessons just to be with Leslie even if it wasn't his thing... at the party they danced together inspiring others to come together and leave selfishness aside.
If there is one bright lesson in all of this, it is this;
family is life's greatest joy.
Togetherness and service nurtures our relationships no matter where life takes us. Whether you're living in a tiny apartment abroad, a gorgeous home in the suburbs, or a fixer-upper in the country... whether you are jobless, childless, moneyless, or brainless:) My happiest times have been spent with my family. I am excited and recommitted to face each day with a fresh outlook never to forget my countless blessings.

No Reason
by Cori Connors
I'm yours in the sweet in the bitter
I'm yours if you soar if you fall
Love keeps no account of the winners
Ask why I love you, I'll tell you
There's no reason at all
After all of these years I'm still crazy in love
If you want reasons there's more than enough
Times going to change them and life rearrange them
But one thing will always be true
That's the way my soul rises to you.

Gorgeous photos taken by

Monday, August 17, 2009

My life is complete...

and the cravings have taken me over.
The dashing knight in shining armor
has come bearing gifts of
succulent french fries with fry sauce,
a cheeseburger,
and an oreo shake.
The heartburn
will be totally worth it.

dude, check out the grease on the bag,

that's when you know it's going to be good.

Grandma Mary's House

Coming back to this place grounds me. It reminds me of where I started my love for color, glass and good music. It reminds me of why I adore chippy paint, National Geographics, and Norman Rockwell. My eccentric taste begins to makes sense, and I feel as though I am a part of a very special club started generations ago.

My children experience my deja vu. I walk them through the garden and have them taste the fuzzy comfrey leaves that I ate in ponytails and flip flops, "doesn't it kind of taste like cucumbers?" We sample the fragrant herbs that are growing out of the same earth that I pulled them out of thirty years ago. We wonder over grandma's collections of rocks, canes, and trinkets that have special places on her crowded shelves. Some things have changed... the garden is smaller, the deck smells of fresh stain, but the feelings of love are constant. The food she magically creates is hearty and flavorful. Tools are well worn from decades of labor in the rocky wasatch soil. The seating is plentiful; a cozy place for everyone. Storytelling is an art, and poems or bye-o bye-o lullabies are sweetly sung on the rocking chair. Grandma greets you with snappy kisses on your cheek and doesn't want you to leave...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

5SF Edition 37

in need of a serious bath

photos by TIM IRVING
via madebygirl