Sunday, August 23, 2009

Road Trip

This weekend was the annual CRABBING TRIP to the OREGON COAST with my family. The three older kids were big enough to go but since Tade was too young and I am "great with child" and not much help I decided to hang back with him and saunter over to Utah on a road trip to visit friends and family.
Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of the whirlwind stops where radical chics dropped what they were doing and made time to briefly see me... can I just give a great big "AMEN" to my peoples in Tooele, Lehi, Lindon, and Provo... and tell you how precious you are to my bosom and how much I LOVE you all...
I had great plans to visit all my favorite boutiques and leave some goodies on YOUR doorstep, but the trip was cut short on Saturday when I just plain ran out of energy. Come to find out, wrestling a two year old when you're six months pregnant in over hundred degree weather in and out of the car to stores with lots of valuables just plain sucks the life outta ya.
I'm already dreaming of another road trip, perhaps without the "extra luggage" this time, where I can visit and hug my other fond fellows. Until then, the Leprechaun and I are patiently awaiting the arrival of the rest of the stinky Schofield clan... can't wait to help unpack the wet fishy smelling clothes... NOT! They better bring me back vintage white cheddar and caramels from Tillamook... I just know Chris is going to love the new spider ring, colorful ribbons and PAPAYA calendar I picked up...
uh yeah, sure he is.


Jennifer said...

I'm glad you had some fun. Love your stinkn' guts! <3

Charisa and Trent said...

I love you Sara!!!! We missed you tons and oodles!!!!

bill, katie, and co. said...

Look at you take that picture and drive at the same time! You're such a multi-tasking goddess! You look great, by the way, and I'm all for hooking our 4th graders up for marriage! Love you, girl!