Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pa's Birthday Weekend

we spent last weekend in Utah hanging out with Arkansas cousins and celebrating Pa's birthday with lots of family. It was so fun to be with everyone, and made us realize how much we miss our Utah ties.

Wii was played abundantly.
(mario cart is the fave)

Silliness was bounteous.

(kendyl, your hair looks hot)

Good eats were a plenty.
(kathryn- your appetizers were delightful, leslie- your salad was just what i needed, jeanne- your cake was mouthwatering)

Love was generous.
(and so was my body span)

Our gift to Pa was his very own blog- Pa's Place. We would love if you would support him and go on over and comment there. He is a master carver and we're hoping he posts all his awesome creations for us to see.


bri said...

done and done. :)