Wednesday, August 26, 2009


First of all, thank you to Papa Bear for making such great memories with the kids this year, and for being so capable without me... I joke with my sisters that if I were to "pass through the veil" and leave Chris with our kids he would function perfectly well without me, and perhaps do a better job than I would do on my own. Secondly, thank you to all my siblings who I stole pictures from for this post:) It looks as though Mr. Oliver is the crabbing mascot this year...
Thai food dinner in Portland
late night swimming at the Shilo
stock your boat and let the crabbing begin!
back to the dock to measure, cook, and clean crab
Tillamook Cheese Factory for ice cream and cheese
dinner feast of the day's catch at The Troller
beach time
home again, home again, jiggity jog.


Nancy said...

Did I spy Oliver with a missing front tooth? Ethan will be so jealous.

Andrea said...

Cute pictures. That looks like such a fun and unique trip!

Jill said...

How happy I am that I got to know Ollie for a few short months. He makes me smile just seeing him.

And your daughter is a stunner. (I'm sure you already know that) but my goodness is she a beauty!!

Jennifer said...

I love how Chris and the kids are the perfect height when posed in the picture. I need to get some kind of cool tradition started in my family. We are kind of a boring. :P

bri said...

love me some squeeky cheese and an ice cream cone from tillamook.

SMDStudio said...

It looks like they had really nice weather at the beach. It is always a gamble up here. ;>

SmithDish said...

Addie looks so freaking awesome in the bandanna! I hope she is sportin that all over in Idaho! What a super cute girl!!!