Monday, August 17, 2009

My life is complete...

and the cravings have taken me over.
The dashing knight in shining armor
has come bearing gifts of
succulent french fries with fry sauce,
a cheeseburger,
and an oreo shake.
The heartburn
will be totally worth it.

dude, check out the grease on the bag,

that's when you know it's going to be good.


bri said...

Dude is my word. I knew we were meant to be friends. Go get your grease on girl!

Jennifer said...

Is it bad to have those cravings even when your not prego? {wink}

Nancy said...

I love Artic Cirlce! I'm gonna have to go find me one now.

Sadie said...

Your posting so much tath I cant even keep up on the comments!...I lvoe artic circle especially there fry sauce and french fries! Oh i lvoe your cravings and your soul!

Mama Megs said...

seriously that looks so good-we miss Artic Circle fry sauce so much! (that's pretty sad isn't it?!)