Wednesday, August 12, 2009


The kids learned a lot about animals this summer.
Next year Addy and Landon will both raise steers...
I'm already mentally gearing up for it,
as any 4H parent knows,
it is as much work for the mom and dad
as it is for the kids.
My nieces and nephews did a wonderful job at the fair showing their steers! We're so proud of them! Next year when my two oldest are stronger and more "mature" they will be ready to lead and feed a great big drooling beast just like their cool cousins. I'm so impressed by the 4H program and the skills that it teaches youth. They learn leadership and responsibility as they daily take care of a project... and there aren't only animals projects, but sewing and cooking projects also. I would highly recommend kids to take part in their local programs... it keeps them busy during the summer and out of trouble:)

thrilled and getting along with our family togetherness as usual.