Tuesday, June 16, 2009

sandwiches, strawberries & spaghetti-O's

oh sweet summer.
all four kids home all day with endless appetites and attitudes. i don't know what it is about summer that makes them hungry every hour of the day, but we are experimenting with all sorts of cheap remedies to keep their bellies full. peanut butter sandwiches, grapes, spaghetti o's, carrots, pretzels, hot dogs, apples, frozen yogurt pops, cardboard. does anyone out there have any treat or meal ideas that are inexpensive and filling?
as for activities, as soon as boredom is expressed they get a job to do in the house, but so far we've kept pretty busy...between scouts, activity days, piano lessons, 4H meetings, family activities and gatherings... i can't believe we're already half way through june already! sometimes i feel like a corrections officer, and by the end of the day i've earned myself a badge, mustache and donut... shout out and much respect to law enforcers (sam)... i'm just saying, there's not much difference sometimes between my house and the county jail... except my shift is 24/7. but dang i love these kids, they are growing and learning and becoming such great little people!
a summer activity i hope to keep up is to do some kind of domestic activity with "my girls" a couple times a month. last week i spotted a really great deal on strawberries and called the masses of sisters to gather and make freezer jam. with everyones combined efforts we all made over 140 containers of delicious jam....woooo! there is nothing better i tell you than a piece of homemade bread with fresh yummy strawberry goodness slathered on top. next on the list is to make homemade bean burritos to freeze... ANDALAY!
happy summer everyone!


Sadie said...

I am in for the burritos! And I want a jar of jam right now! I mean I am going to be your nurse for the love!

Gina Lee said...

Here are some of our favorites:
-I put carrot and celery sticks in little baggies so they can grab a baggie and go.
-ants on a log (celery and peanutbutter with rasins)
-sliced apples and cheese cubes
-graham crackers and milk
-granola bars
-trail-mix (goldfish crackers, peanuts, chex cereal, rasins, crasins, m&ms, pretzels, etc.)

PS- I think I will make me a shirt that says Corrections Officer! Perfect for my calling in life right now. ;)

Jennifer said...

oooh, that strawberry jam looks so delicious!!! Hum! Hope you are doing well. Wish I could see you more... Soon though, soon.