Wednesday, June 3, 2009

i'm good, really.

the beginning of june
the last day of school,
i'm rising from the ashes
and wiping my drool.
from hither to nether
i traveled windy roads,
but i can get outta bed now
the laundry, there's loads.
i've never felt that way
good riddance to that,
i'm ready to work it
and tip my party hat.
where have you been sara
what has gone on,
did you fall in a hole
or knock your ding dong?
my poor family wondered
when will she be good,
they lit candles, held vigils,
to pray i'd make food.
the sisters came by
with pedi's and treats,
the mom took the kids
and fed them good eats.
the husband so patient
he held down the fort,
good thing it's the last
my libido's gone short.
but what is this feeling
i must be reborn
that look on my face
is glee not forlorn.
where once his hot breath
was a venom to my nose
now i want him to come nearer
put me out with a hose.
my chestus has grown
do you like what you see?
i just felt the baby move
please get away from me.
my waist band is tight
dad, why mommy cries?
the noise level's high
i want some hot fries.
like a split personality
i change sides like a card
if only my energy
wasn't merely in shards.
will i like what i smell
will i like what i drink
will i like what i eat
well, what do you think?
i heart the world
you're so precious to me,
i'm ready to burn down this house
kids, go climb a tree.
maybe i'm not bouncing back
like i thought i was,
here it comes, close the fridge,
i'm okay, no i'm not, oh laws.
one more nap and i promise
i'll be feeling much better
just in case would you mind
if i spew on that sweater?
motherhood i love you
being pregnant is divine
to hell with trimester one
when you're down 3 of 9.


briana said...

dia said...

Welcome back sweetheart, I missed the ray of sushine you usually bring to the bloggers world.

shauna said...

Oh my goodness, that was hilarious. So well written. Really captured the essence of my trimesters #1. Love ya!

Rachel said...

OH I can breath again. Thank you for posting. Love you!

Sadie said...

WELCOME! Come to my soul for real! That just made my week! Your back biaaaatchhh!:)

Nancy said...

Why hello again Miss Sara. So glad to "hear" your voice.

Dad said...

Goodness gracious, that was quite the literary prose dear daughter of mine. I predict that one day you will publish a book full of your quips and it will be very popular! Having witnessed eight first trimesters with your mother, you have every reason for long siestas. Be easy on yourself and the rest of the clan will follow suit. Glad you are back- love ya!

Liza said...

Well it's about daaaaaang time you bring sexy back. Heavenly days we thought you'd abandoned us. Don't ever leave like that again. But I do feel like I somewhat have my sister back. Feel free to allow Darth Sara to visit any time you please. I love your guts and can't wait to have these little babies together!

Liza said...
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Bisel Family said...

Amen! Just went through it, wish I could help you endure it! Hopefully, it will get easier soon.

lawdy said...

funny.funny. funny. it's a classic.

Jennifer said...

Hi Sara! I'm excited to see all that is happening up there. :)

Cheri said...

We're are so glad you back. Missed you tons! Sending you sunshine and happy maternities.

marisa said...

you make me laugh!

katesue said...

I couldn't have said it better myself! This was totally my 3rd pregnancy! A boy. Ugh! Much worse than the girls were. I had a bucket that I puked in every day. One day McKayla (5yrs. at the time) puked after a long bike ride. Afterwards as I was cleaning up "the bucket" and tucking her in she said to me, "Mommy... is this how you feel everyday?" and I said, "yep." and she said, "every, every day?!" "Yep!" It was so cute. She totally was sympathetic. Hope you are feeling better now.

Danielle said...

This is an old enough post that maybe no one will read my comment except you and my secret won't get out! I just endured my fifth 1rst trimester too! ugh, the smell of tap water in a glass cup made me sick! I had to drink out of famous Costco red cups for weeks! I hope I get his little one here, third times a charm right?