Thursday, April 16, 2009

great with child...the finale.

my people are so clever.
yes we are expecting number five,
and that will conclude baby making for good.
timing... yeah, not so hot.
in fact it took an intense dream,
fatigue, nausea, and a spiritual day at the temple
to even realize i was pregnant.
almost eleven weeks along now,
and i believe it was better for me not to know
i was pregnant during the move,
that would have pushed me over the mommy edge.
so we killed our first mouse the other day.
we've seen a couple since we've been here,
and in single form i can handle them, but
i keep waiting to open a cupboard door and have
a whole colony of them frozen in place staring back at me.
this special house has a long ways to go
bless it's pea pickin' country heart.
every time "something" comes up in the house,
and by "something" i mean...
fence control
dog poop
water issues
heating issues
where to put the sheep and chicken issues...
chris just smiles and says,
"remember sara, this is what you wanted so bad,
a house in the country!"
oh yes, i know, but it sounded so more romantic
in my head before i was pregnant
and tired, and couldn't tolerate musty smells,
and killing little things, and
the salivating and lack of appetite.
...this too shall pass.
at least papa bear gets a riding lawnmower out of it.
to keep my mind off what i'm going to force myself to eat next i'll talk about what the kids have been up to lately. they had a really neat "night at the art museum". each class chose an artist and made their own art likeness after that artist.

landon did georgia o'keeffe

addy did vincent van gogh

oliver started a new preschool.
he really loved his old preschool,
but he holds onto those good memories while he
embraces new ones in the bunny ears
that he can't stop wearing:)
miss pam and mrs. taft are both great teachers!

(yes, his pajamas are both too small and inside out)

our office space and computer are right below these sassy wooden spindles, and to remind me of his presence, tade will come and stick his cute chubby legs through and i get to grab them and play "gotcha" while i'm on the computer.

i love multi tasking!


shauna said...

Congratulations Sara! That is exciting news. I love reading about your many adventures, and your new house :) Good luck with everything!

wilkinson_fam said...

Oh hon - when it rains it pours, right? No, just give it a few weeks(and hopefully let the sickness pass) and you'll start to see the Lord's hand in all this.

I remember last October when I found out I was pregnant with #4. I had just stopped nursing our baby (he was only 7 months) so I could lose my baby weight. All of the sudden - BAMO! - I'm "great with child" . . . again. But after a few honest and soulful convos with the Lord, I am genuinely SO PUMPED to have this baby in 1.5 months! My boys will be such good friends! Such will be the case with you. You'll see that His timing is perfect, whether or not it was on your spring "to do" list.

And, in the meantime, the Lord will give you the strength to deal with the rigors of an old/new house and the adjustments required when moving in.

I love you, girl! You are in my prayers!

Andrea said...

Your kids are seriously artistically talented! Wow! And I notice Oliver is missing a front tooth. Did it fall out out of natural causes, or was it an accident? I ask because my four-year-old has the same smile given to him by a run in with the bathroom counter. And not that it matters, but are you hoping for a girl? I, like you, grew up with lots of sisters and it is such a foreign concept to me that my daughter may not have a sister. It's what makes me want to keep trying, but not so much my hubbie.

(phew, I had a lot to say apparently.)


ok so CONGRATS! i wish i could have another so i am tad jealous! maybe you could let me hold yours for an hour or two sometime. and i am guessing your house sold ... please email me and give me some details. you live in a lovely place to make your own now in IDEEEHO! pray for me darling ... i NEEEEEED my house to sell. and when i say need i very much mean it!

SMDStudio said...

Congratulations on your little one. Really, you are so lucky to be so far along already. Every time I get seriously nauseaus (which happens often, actually), I think "oh, please, I don't think I could deal with this for two whole months" (I get pretty sick right off the bat).

I wish I was there in Idaho to take your kiddos and let you sleep. And I would send my husband over to help your husband get that house whipped into shape. My dear, sweet friend, I so wish there was something I could do for you.

I love you, love you, love you!

onesilentwinter said...

Smiling!! your list reminds me of sound of music "these ar emy favorite things" but the opposite!!

so happy for you- for all of it-okay maybe not the mice but barn cats will take care of that!!!

Sadie said...

Oh i love your guts...ok i dont know about doctors in idaho falls but the doctors i would recomend for a c section in rexburg is Allred and Barton I think there office is called madison womens clinic!...let me know how it all goes and what you decide!

cali gibbs said...

Oh Sara... a new baby... how exciting! Dallas is only 5 months old and it feels like forever ago that he was born. Congratulations! I can't wait to see what you do with your little country home.

~Amanda~ said...

I love you and your blog. So dang funny - and honest!

B said...

Hang in there, Sis! You're an amazing mother, wife, and sister. We are all so lucky to have you in our lives.

And I'm excited for a new niece or nephew! (are you taking requestes?) :)

Luv you!


B said...

(I've got to find me a new wife soon so I can get caught up to you and Chris! :)

briana said...

here is hoping that if morning sickness has reared its ugly head that you know you are in my thoughts and i am missing you and your posts. take care.

SmithDish said...

Girl!!! reading your blog reminds me of why I am too weak to do it again!!! One day when I was first preg with Hayden and deep into the morning sick stuff, my brother and his wife dropped by the house unexpectedly, (mind you I lived in Tooele and they came out from SL)I awnsered the door AND pretty much told them to go away. It was awful (sp)! I will never live it down, we all laugh about now but that's what I turn into when I am preg and sick. It is NOT pretty, I tell you...Not pretty. Once again, you are amazing. ps I am a little jealous Tylee got a phone call. Vegas in two weeks! still wish I COULD GO. :)

wilkinson_fam said...

How you feelin', girl? You hangin' in there?

Mary Denton Taylor said...

I miss you!!! I've been thinking about you and your little jelly bean! Love you!

lawdy said...

You will be coming back to your blog soon? I can imagine you working away--turning that house into a masterpiece. Hope to see the picts soon.