Wednesday, April 1, 2009

march madness

the move is finally
three weekends to get stuff
three trucks packed full
a week of illness
three days cleaning
tired muscles...
and i wish this was an april fools joke,
but last night the guest room flooded.
a pipe froze and burst.
the floor was soaked,
the walls were soaked,
but we are choosing to smile.
okay, papa bear is choosing to smile
that's why i'm behind the camera,
because i wasn't smiling.
on my last day in tooele,
exhausted and worn to the bone,
i cried like a baby as i drove away
from that beautiful house.
it's no longer ours.
i so didn't plan on having that reaction.
after putting so much care into
leaving it immaculately cleaned and
remembering all the good times
and hard work that went into
creating that house
i couldn't help but get emotional.
no more talk of moving.
we will talk of other things...
like pulling down wallpaper,
ripping out curtains,
replacing carpet
scooping up millions of leaves
preparing the garden
finding new surprises in this rad house
with each new obstacle that decides to pop by
i will CHOOSE to smile,
maybe through the tears,
but smiling nonetheless.


SMDStudio said...

Oh, Sara. I have been a bawling, crazy wreck for three days in our new house - I just wanted to go home - back to my old home. But my mommy gave me good pep talk last night, and like you, I am choosing to smile through it all. Bless your good, sweet, tired, sad, happy heart. Loves!

briana said...

sara, if i were close, today i would bring you a chewy bagel sandwich crisp with all the fixins and a chilled oreo shake to wash it down.

you my friend are a rock.

onesilentwinter said...

Oh Sara, Big Hug! A pipe froze in my studio on new years day, i lost my piano and a few other things.. but that is it.

I know it is hard, is hould visit and help! i am headed that way and take you out for one of those magical day's your write about or plant a garden with you since that is myy favorite thing to do!

SmithDish said...

Hey girl! I amost forgot what a blog was and then I remembered I haven't updated myself with yours for a while... Don't worry... with my trucker vocab, I swore up a good storm for ya. :) Damn pipes! Ok. now lets think of it this way, things can only get better right? Just remember that old crafty outdated countryblue and mauve saying "Home is where you hang your heart" Totally cheesy.. but true, true, true. We love you!!!

SmithDish said...

And ummm...want to see more pics of where you have hung yer heart, in this new home. Oh ya, I am happy to hear shitcicle found a home! :)

Jen said...

Oh Sara... I love you and I love your blog... YES and YES!! Can we get together?

Nancy said...

The guest room flooded? But where will I stay when I come to help you paint, because I LOVE to paint. For reals.

Jill said...

I cried like a baby when we moved from our first house. And it was a nothing house. No, take that was our first, and that makes it something.

Glad you're here.
Can't wait to get to know you better.

And Ollie too. What a keeper!