Friday, June 5, 2009


a lot happened over the past months while i was wallowing in my misery. here is a quick rundown of our most memorable activities.
i had many wise women travel to my doorstep (shout out to the home health and hospice "operation sara" ladies:), or chat on the phone about remedies for the queasy pregnant belly. below are some of the things that i tried... some worked, some didn't,

ollie and tade were unlucky recipients of pneumonia and had to do breathing treatments for a few weeks to get their oxygen levels up and clear up their lungs...they were such good sports!

addy and landon started 4H for the summer.

papa bear and i BOTH forgot our 12th anniversary.

oliver turned five.
as you can tell he was allowed to wear his sacred batman pajamas all day.
he is a special joy.
mothers day was wonderful spent laying low with my kids and hub... the following weekend we traveled back to utah to stay with nana and pa for more pampering and the annual nana G planting flowers day. i could kick myself for not having any pictures of that but these blossoms of mine hold the same sentiment.

olivers preschool went to the zoo.

addy entered her science project for the second time in her new school and got an award... it kind of eased the pain of not being able to go to district.

just one of the samplings of tucker/taco's work.
may my sweet red shoes rest in peace.

the sun came out.

a weekend with family in island park at the sheridan cabin.

landon being boyish and crazy.

oliver with his sweet teacher mrs. taft graduating preschool.

last day of school goodies for teachers and bus driver which i forgot about and had to run and get at 5am that morning...
is there a common theme here with forgetfulness?
i'll blame it on pregnancy while i can.
a picnic by the falls...
where it started raining and addy skinned her leg...
but man those falls were gorgeous!!


Sadie said...

I didnt know that Oliver and Tade had pnemonia?! You go girl! I am officially complete with all of your postings these last couple days! thank you sister of mine...thank you!

briana said...

i have thought about you over the last few months and wondered what you have been up to. (wow, sounds a little psycho seems we've never REALLY met - met.) anyway, just glad you are back!

SMDStudio said...

I'm so very glad you're back, my dear. I have thought about you so much. Sierra was actually keeping me kind of posted via your postings on Facebook (I am not a Facebooker). I'm happy you're through all the ickies and headed into that glorious second trimester - the only three months in the surrounding 12 when your skin glows, your energy peaks, and you are not suffering from sleep deprivation curtesy of nausea, a homongous belly, or a crying newborn. Love you!

Jennifer said...

Loff it! I didn't see any pictures of you though. Tee hee. So what it you address. I need to know. Email me. <3

Dad said...

Pnemonia on top of everything else? What is going on here- I can't stand it! I am praying that your desert has come to an end....and its all upward and onward with this beautiful warmer, greener, flowering season! Love you!

Rachel said...

I was outside with Crew the other night and we found a baby snail (usually they're all huge) he said the snail was an, "Oliver snail". He misses him and talks about him all the time.

Michelle said...

LOVE your dog! We have one just like her and I have buried about 5 pairs of shoes thanks to her. :( Love her though!