Saturday, June 20, 2009

oh, that's "the schofield's"

happy birthday papa bear!
birthday's kind of lose their glimmer when you're old fogies like us. on chris' birthday he worked, and then that evening we went as a family to cub scout pack meeting where i quickly realized that our children could single handedly put on a production of lord of the flies... it was an eye opening experience where i can see we have a lot of etiquette lessons ahead of us. do i not take my kids in public enough for them to know how to appropriately behave? the coolest part is that we're new to this ward, so "hi, we are the schofield's, make sure not to invite us anywhere you want the spirit present." first impressions are awesome when your toddler is screaming like a banshee, your kindergartener is whining like an ambulance, your cub scout is bouncing off the walls, and your hormonal young lady is sulking down in her camping chair and hexing you under her breath while simultaniously giving you dirty looks with her lazer eyes (i totally had the walmart sweats, not like what you wear to walmart, but like how you feel in the check out aisle when you're wrestling a fifty pound child in your arms while gracefully trying to put your food on the sticky roller thingy and avoid them ripping into a package of skittles that they stole from the candy display cunningly situated right there in front of their face so that you can tell them for the thousandth time, no, you cannot have a king size caramello or a package of bubbalicious. and if you're really lucky, the check out girl wants to make conversation in between your marathon panting and let you know that it looks like "somebody" needs a nap...)
anyways, i made things a little sweeter for chris by making his favorite birthday cake... we'll celebrate on another stress free night.
here is the recipe
better than you know what cake-
dark chocolate cake mix (bake according to directions)
make holes with back of spoon- pour over a jar of caramel topping and a can of sweetened condensed milk. spread cool whip over the top. put in fridge to chill. before serving, sprinkle toffee bits on top of cool whip. ENJOY!
in other news
i finally sent out my swap package.
can't wait for my mystery swapper to get it:)
i included:
a cd mix of cheery and melancholy tunes entitled
summer's golden cage
a glass charm made by moi
a sweet little picture of a garden scene
regionally local truffles
two idaho postcards
pink wish tickets inside the card
and fun summer lip gloss from a company based out of our city
hope she likes it!


Nancy said...

That is how I feel every week in sacrament meeting (the Wal-mart sweats). Maybe thats why we don't socialize very often.

Heather said...

You made me laugh out loud. I remember those days, very well. They do grow out of it, but then life is not nearly as entertaining!! My favorite memory is of 7-year-old Brianna yelling out a bad word (that she had never said before/since) in front of the bishop in our old ward.

onesilentwinter said...

happy birthday papa bear!

" production of lord of the flies" you kill me:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah
Thank you for my lovely swap, I'm writing this sitting in my conservatory listening to your music and eating the lovely truffles. Bliss!!.
Love the robin charm he will hang in my newly decorated bedroom and postcards and lippy are lovely.
Thanks very much
Will send you a postcard of my home town very different to Idaho.
Hope to hear from you soon I am very new to blogging so only have a few entries but hope you drop by some time

katesue said...

I have totally had the wal mart sweats! I laughed so hard! The part about the candy at the kids eye level you know that was market research at it's best! :) I love reading your writing! You crack me up! You should write a book someday.