Saturday, June 27, 2009

5SF Edition 34

i can't believe how long it's been seen my last 5SF. shame on me. right now the house is quiet, everyone is still asleep, and i have no excuses. i feel like it's so cliche to say i've been TOO BUSY to blog... who isn't busy these days? but these kids and this house and everything else has surmounted to be quite a lot to juggle. i must join the circus so i can learn this skill better:)
chocolate chippers
all the kids have found an interest in baking lately. addy has made marvelous chocolate covered pretzels and bananas, and today Landon had a hankering to make chocolate chip cookies. he looked through my recipe books and chose a tasty story and made them all himself (with a little help in stirring from mom) i hate to admit this, but they were better than mine.

to balance off the sweet with some salty i had to make this classic dish... except i didn't have the traditional ingredients like cream of chicken soup, so i did some inventing and they turned out splendid! one bag of hashbrowns, one container of sour cream, a splash of chicken stock, half a packet of dry italian dressing, varied seasonings, shredded cheddar cheese, and sprinkled feta on top... the feta and dry italian mix really made it unique.

rose water from cyprus
my spidey senses are still very sensitive, this little magic bottle from Valentina is a blessing! any time i need to "cleanse my palate" i take a nice smell of the fresh rose water and i feel like i'm outdoors in a garden... crisis averted.

the rain is pounding outside and i am safe inside my cozy casa with smells of cookies in the air. it has been a super rainy season this year. next week is the beginning of july where usually the heat is overwhelming... the water is so good for everything, i just hope the hail stops...
the poor farmers are shaking in their boots.


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onesilentwinter said...

oh so glad to see it! rose water how i loved it so!