Monday, July 14, 2008

The Spirit of Elijah

What a day!! The search for loved ones is emotionally draining... I just spent all day filling out my pedigree chart in between loads of laundry. The light of my geneology flame is flickering bright! I found some really cool stuff I can't wait to share with the fam which totally outweighs the cramp in my hand from pencil scribbling and the sting in my eyes from staring at the blinding white computer screen for hours. It's pretty amazing and awe inspiring to think of how people are tied together through family lines and that there is such rich heritage to be discovered.

The kids played at a friends house this morning so I could get some work done, and Oliver came home with 6 hornet stings, Addy two. This added some excitement as I tried to simmer down the drama and woe of Olivers hand all swollen and red...but thanks to the calm/quick acting talents of my friend, and the magical Melaleuca oil, all is well.

Tonight Chris took Addy and Landon swimming while I tucked the Leprechaun in bed, and listened to Oliver tell me stories about how dad is a worker(builder) and that not only does he make houses, but he also kills monsters that live in the clouds.

Tade is teething and clingy, Landons hair is too long, Addy is tall and sassy, Oliver is whiney and covered with battle wounds, and Chris is cute and jobless...what more could I want from life? Being together is all that matters...that, and cookies.

The church is true, we have many loved ones waiting for us on the other side, and thanks to my new "do" and "coloring", I can no longer pull my hair back and get away with!
P.S. bangs are sweaty!


Danielle said...

Thanks for the update. The research and trip and sharing with your family these experiences will be so memorable.

Rachel said...

You go Girl! Were having trouble finding a couple of names I might have to give you a call.

Karyann said...

i am so jealous of your hard work. i am stumped where to start. i actually started, but keep getting stumped! JObless???

onesilentwinter said...

real special, sara

Jennifer said...

You got it sista! And I don't think Edward looks good in that picture.

The Chic Chef said...

Dido on the perspiration under the bangs! My totally start to curl. Can you see through your bangs? I get asked that all the time. My reply "No, but they look good" and then I want to punch them.

sami hansen said...

Aw, such adventures leaving town! What an amazing trip you will have though! I love to read all about what you are up to, and can't wait to hear all about the trip to Europe!

P.S. Bangs are so sweaty! Hair stylists should totally inform you when you claim to want bangs...I do still like mine though!