Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Congratulations Eliza and Jason!!

On Addy's birthday,
Eliza granted magical permission for the wedding
of her life to that of Jason's.
They are a match made in heaven-
Jason already feels like family,
and Eliza is on cloud nine!
I don't remember being as touchy feely as they
are when Chris and I were engaged....
how quickly we forget those days when all
we wanted to do was nuzzle and cuddle....
and the shiny sparkle of her beautiful ring is blinding.
My ring is dull now, and the touching is in passing as Chris
hurries to meet with subs and I hurry to change a diaper,
but the neat thing is today our love is deeper
than it was in those early years.
The evolution of love is quite interesting,
and I so look forward to watching these two
fastastic souls make a life together.
The men of the world will be sorely remissed
for passing up a chance to snatch up dear Eliza!!
Jason, you are one lucky dude,
but so is she:)
not a dude,
just lucky!

perfectly idaho

LOve YoU GuYs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rachel said...

Please don't worry about the brushes. They are just old ones I keep at moms.

jen said...

yeah for eliza!

Devin, Megan, & Henderson said...

oh I'm so excited!

aprilaloha said...

Oh Happy Day! I'm so happy, I can't even stand it. Love her!! (from what I hear I know I"ll love him too)

The Chic Chef said...

I love Eliza's hair...holy longness! This is so great! He is super lucky!

Aaron said...

Holy Hotness! I love you guys! Congrats Eliza and The New guy.