Friday, July 11, 2008

Sometimes after the kids have gone to bed,
I like to make myself a sophisticated treat and
savor it in the silence as a reward for all the
mothering, and cleaning, and scolding I did
throughout the day... tonight I had,
a delicious creamy fruit smoothie made by my lover,
and sundried tomato & basil wheat thins,
with a slice of sharp cheddar and green olive.
(did you get the creeps when you read "lover"?
well too bad, because he is just that)

Light Blue Perfume
(thank you audry:)

Totally STOKED!!!
Soon we will be headed off to Europe to see the lands
of my ancestors. My chest can hardly contain the fluttering
of my beating heart! My ever so organized mother has
prepared a binder for each of us with family history, stories,
pedigrees, and pictures so we can really be invested in this
experience... our token to go on the trip is that we must fill in
an 8 Generation Pedigree Chart,
this place is a great

I'm loving all things bee right now.
I've always loved honey bees, beehives and honey,
but lately I've felt this urge to be a beekeeper.
Bee related things are popping up everywhere, in Martha
Stewart magazine, etsy, boutique shops...
When we lived in Lehi, one day I was looking out my kitchen
window into the backyard and to my surprise there
was a big black mound resting on top of our wooden fence.
It looked so out of place, and when I went out to investigate,
I soon saw that it was a mound of buzzing bees.
Apparently the queen had wandered, and the loyal workers
had followed her and surrounded her to be the dutiful
little dears that they are.
We ended up calling a beekeeper and he so bravely
scooped up the bees into a cardboard box.
I need to figure out a way
to raise these sweet little things...
I wonder what they do during the cold winters?

etsy- birdznbeez

etsy- kzukowski

etsy- lyoungstudio

etsy- jolipapier

etsy- stickinthemud





This music totally fits my mood lately


Danielle said...

My great grandfather was a beekeeper and was well-known as a bee charmer, he didn't wear protective clothing except gloves. For many years we had his fresh honey at our reunions. Did you know honey can't really expire..they find it in tombs and pyramids etc and it's as good as ever.

The Chic Chef said...

I am so excited for your trip! Your Mom is a doll to put that fun binder together. I so know where you get all your cuteness. Those crackers could be served at a cocktail party! Especially on that fabulous plate. Buuuzzzzzzzz!

Mary Taylor said...

Mmmmmmmm... I LURV light blue!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been begging my dh!