Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Addy

Addy had her birthday last week.
Each year is getting harder to accept as she
gets closer and closer to becoming a young woman.
I can still remember when she was a little baby
in our tiny apartment in the dorms at BYU
and she would cheerfully wake us up from her crib
as she peeked up over the edge
with her fuzzy hair and giggles.
Addison has always been such a good friend to everyone,
concious of including those who are usually left out.
I know this is hard to do now, and groups and clicks
are forming, but I still hear her being concerned
about those who are lonely and need someone.
Her helpful spirit is such a blessing as she takes care of
her little brothers and does the neverending tasks
around the house that I throw her way.
I love her creative artistic side.
She loves to do crafts and projects with her mom,
but she also loves to mess with tools in the garage
with dad....and she even mows the lawn!
She is a fantastic singer and dancer.
What a cutie she is...
and with each passing year she becomes
more beautiful,
inside and out.
1st Day of Kindergarten

1st Day of 1st Grade

1st Day of 2nd Grade

1st Day of 3rd Grade

1st Day of 4th Grade

Birthday Highlights included
A Little Princess and the second Fablehaven Books,
Mom's Ipod and matching pink ipod radio player w/ headphones,
new outfit & fun jewelry and headbands,
Breakfast in bed,
Dinner at Outback with the fam,
playing with cousins and friend in Idaho,
Birthday cake with ALL the family!

We love the little princess movie and I thought it would
be fun to read the book together. I remember watching
the Shirley Temple version when I was little.
I gracefully sacraficed my ipod for the cause
since I haven't used it much and will just take her
old MP3 player- she was pretty stoked!

We were out of fruit and I couldn't leave the

cute little compartments on her plate

empty so I filled them with cereal, I know it's ghetto.

The sticking out of tongues should be on

our family crest....if we had one.

That gets me thinking.....

mom and the boys

the leprechaun

Addy's sense of style has really matured over the years.

It is so fun to see what kind of "ensemble" she will

put together next, there are always cute accessories involved.


I am so lucky to have you as my eldest girl

you are my helper

my friend

my teacher

and my reminder of all things good.


Always stay on the right path sweetie!!


Karyann said...

Addy we love you. I can't believe that you are such a grown little woman now. We miss and adore you. Happy bday lovebug!

Andrea said...

She is so beautiful! She sounds a lot like my little girl--both oldest and only girls.

Dad said...

One of my favorite memories was when you entrusted me to take Addy alone on her first commercial flight from SLC to Idaho Falls for the day while visiting my kids. There I was boarding the plane with this beautiful little girl in my arms. And she was perfect! Sat quietly in my arms and looked into my eyes the whole way while I sang songs to her. When we flew back to SLC at the end of the day, Chris came to pick her up. As I handed her to him, it was if she were saying....you aren't leaving me are you? You know- Addy was supposed to be my daughter, but your mom said we were through having kids. So you got to be the lucky one. Happy birthday my sweet angel.

Danielle said...

My favorite part of the post (besides honoring Addie) is seeing and knowing each of those front doors!

happytobehere said...

Love the pics of Addy. What a cute girl. The pics of her in her long sweet night gown are my favorite. Totally classic and adorable. I have to say the red hair is trippen me a little, are you handling it o.k.? When I decided to try being a brunette for a second it was rough. But bangs too wow! Your dangerous!:) Missed you at the pool, it was a nice night to visit. I told your husband the next breakdancin par-tay is at our house. But you have to make the invites.:)

happytobehere said...

Oops, didnt realize my husband decided to become a blogger. Happytobehere is from the Smiths.