Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Devin!!!!!!!!

Today is the weekiversary of my brother in law Devins birthday.
I bet he thought I would forget about him.
No way dude.
He is such an important person,
that we would never leave him out.
So here we go....

Devin is strong, handsome, and fit,

I don't think I've ever even seen him with a zit.

He has big muscles and plays football like a jock,

sometimes he is so masculine that he burns ladies frocks.

A debate is always going in the conversing that he leads,

a political savvy connoisseur, no party does he need.

Devin likes to share his knowledge, he really is quite smart,

except maybe when it comes to makeup, dolls, and art.

What a good daddy and role model sure,

little Crew worships every skin, teeth, and fur?

Devin makes time to be boys and play with his son,

with ball, tool, or car in hand the fun's never done.

Matchmaker, matchmaker make me a match,

he helped his construction buddy get a Eliza in a snatch.

Devin is an honorable man and such a great guy,

we're glad he's in our life and not a secret spy!

We adore you Devin!!

See you next week!!

Wear your kilt:)


Devin said...

The kilt I will wear for sure. However I will spare you and only flash the Keith family plaid when standing on-top of castle walls and tossing timber poles in Scottish meadows. Thank you for the thoughtful birthday wish. By the way you writing is the best.