Sunday, December 11, 2011

Winter Dance Recital

Friday December 9th
Infinity Dance Studio Winter Recital
Addy- Technologic
Oliver- Hard Knock Life
You kiddos did awesome!!
I love our dance studio... the teachers are top notch, they set a high standard and bring a great spirit to every performance.  The costumes are very modest (as modest as dance costumes can be) and the dance moves are not hoochie-like and suggestive.  I always come away feeling uplifted and really feel the joy in the dancing... in fact many times I'm brought to tears because of the beauty in the movement.  It is such a neat thing to watch your children blossom and grow when they dedicate themselves to something.  They know they have to eventually perform in front of hundreds of people so they try their hardest and overcome insecurities, which I think only helps them become strong confident people... I'm so proud of them!
 Oliver with his fellow hip hop buddy, Landon
(thanks for the picture Jilly:)
 dress rehearsal
 the kids with my beautiful mother
who is always so supportive!
 Addy's sweet friend Kadee Jo from Idaho:)
p.s. she's the next Taylor Swift.
 these facial expressions crack me up,


Kadee Jo said...

"The next Taylor Swift".. Hahaha! Thanks! :)

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