Monday, December 12, 2011

Landons Egypt presentation

A few years ago Chris and I were lucky enough to travel to Africa for a week (which I still need post about), and on our way home we stayed in Egypt for a night and spent a day visiting the museum and taking in some of the famous landmarks... we also ate some amazing egyptian food.  Since then, Addy and Landon have both done reports on Egypt in school, and our trip has benefitted our family more than we thought it ever would.  I love to travel, in fact I ache to travel.  I learn so much when I submerse myself in a new culture, and it reminds me of how many diverse lifestyles there are out there.  If I could, I would take my children all over the world to share these experiences with them so we could all learn and grow together...  someday I hope we'll be able to do things like that.  Landon did a great job of describing the food and culture, and I like the added touch of my scarf as a turban on his head:)