Thursday, December 15, 2011

mindy gledhill concert

i've had this mother daughter surprise planned for weeks
and could hardly keep it in.
as soon as addy got home from school today
i told her i needed her to help me finish christmas shopping.
she protested.
then i said, "actually, i'm kidnapping you."
she protested.
then i said, "you don't say no, when someone's trying to kidnap you."
then we both laughed
because that just sounds ridiculous.
finally she relunctantly got in the car and we were off.
first we went to dinner and got way too full on pasta and breadsticks.
then we hit the freeway.
i handed her a special stocking and inside to her surprise
was a candy bar, and tickets to the mindy gledhill "winter moon" concert.
she died.
we had such an amazing time together.
i don't know what came over me while mindy sang...
maybe it was the beautiful strings of the teton chamber orchestra,
maybe it was the lights and snowflakes hung above our heads,
maybe it was the sweet fluffy red dress and her flawless heartfelt voice,
or maybe it was my own angel sitting next to me holding my hand.
i was a cry baby through the whole concert.
the last song i took that moment with my daughter and gently tucked it in my
"freeze this magic forever" file.
it was such a special night that we will both treasure.
i love my addy,
and i love surprise mother daughter dates.


onesilentwinter said...

this is so special, so very special!

Judy said...

You are an amazing mom. She will never forget it! I miss you two soooooooo much!!!!!

Sadie Jane said...

Tender precious moments!! I just love you both so much!!