Monday, January 25, 2010

tade catch up & oy vey

so it is now 3:30pm. my kitchen is riddled with dishes, my laundry is sitting on the couch waiting to be folded, i'm still in a tshirt and purple velour bottoms, and i got up at 5am this morning. wonder why i don't blog very much? because it literally takes me ten hours to write a little post about each child... and what would be the main reason for my distractions, aside from the nursing and diapering of the two month old?
see exhibit A below:
between each sentence i write, taders wants juice,
then he needs ice in his drink,
then he needs a bowl,
then he wants crackers in his bowl,
then he wants a movie,
then he needs his diaper changed,
then he spilled his drink,
then he needs to change his shirt...
and on and on goes our dance.
ever read "if you give a mouse a cookie"?
tade is the mouse... all day long.
but when he says his cute "thank you mom" after every little task i perform for him, i can't help but melt, and the blogging and laundry and dishes can wait. i do however wish he still took naps, which he doesn't if i want to get him down at night at a reasonable hour. sometimes he will just get tuckered out and make his own schedule.
speaking of tuckered out... tucker and tade are best buddies. he always has his arm around him and doesn't mind the hairy outdoor smell or slobbery licks.
to know tade, is to know about his shoe fetish.
and if you won't put on his shoes,
then he'll find a pair of someone elses to put on...
even if they're on the wrong feet.
oy vey.


Eliza said...

Ohhhhhh TADERS! I can't handle it. I need to take a big jump into the computer so I can eat his double chin with his mask and binoculars. He is so yummy! This is the best blogging day of my life... go Sara!

berta said...

Ditto to what Liza said. I love the Anne of Green Gables quote! Your kids are too much. I love them.