Monday, January 25, 2010

landon catch up & finding your place

there once was a boy named landon,
with gentle heart many girls he had won,
sneaky ninja was he,
barely skinning a knee,
first to do what i say with a run.

the cub scout pinewood derby was last week. hats off to dads and moms everywhere who take a solid brick of wood and transform it into a slick racing machine. there are three varieties of pinewood derby cars...
one- the kind made entirely from professional wood-turning tools and designed by the parent... made to win and blast all the other cars away.
two- the kind where the parent helps by delicately carving the brick and leaving the paint job to the scout... a little yin and yang.
three- the kind where the scouts hands are the only ones to grace the process from start to finish... not the fastest usually, but the most heart, and the most legit.
ours was a number two variety
a number two pencil.
would you believe there were TWO number TWO's?
our pencil wasn't the fastest
as evident by the glares coming from landon,
but it sure was cool:)

landon received a snowboard and lessons for christmas.
during our quest to discover and cultivate talents, he has put traditional athletics such as basketball, football and other ballishness on the back burner. papa bears opinion of these sports was tainted as a child, so he is a little biased in what to push upon our boys. however, we both agree, that if a talent or interest can be found, we will fully support our children as long as it doesn't involve making bombs or looting toy stores. it just so happens, that landon is a natural on the snowy hill, and we are so proud that he has stuck with it despite the sore body and icy patches. i'm already planting ideas in his head about the olympics... moms can be so annoying.