Monday, January 25, 2010

oliver catch up & destiny

how cool is he?
this boy,
i tell you what.
watch out world...
oliver is here,
and he is something else.

i don't want to give into pre-destiny, but oliver is the kind of child that will either grow up to host a late night talk show, or perform complicated brain surgery. bursting with personality, he is both witty and eccentric. in the early winter he tried out basketball and now he's going to take a shot at swimming. he is quite cautious by nature, so it will be good for him to gain courage in a pool full of water. as chris left for work the other morning, he told ollie that he plays too much Wii and it's not good for his brain... oliver replied-"welcome to kids life... that's what you need to know dad."
don't you agree, that this face is
destined for greatness.