Monday, January 25, 2010

charlie catch up & loving babies

"yo yo homies!!
how's about a little fist bump...
yaaaa, give me some rocks dude!
as you can see, i'm growing up really fast.
soon i'll be able to climb trees and down a reed's dairy ice cream cone in seconds flat, just like my brothers."
"my mom likes to put me in cute clothes and pose me to take pictures, but really, who needs to pose when you've got natural good looks like me? sure, some say i look like a wrinkly old man... but watch out ladies, my cheeks are filling out and are becoming even more kissable.
you can't resist me."
charlie is a pure delight.
he is an angel of a baby... his sleeping is a little turned around, but he doesn't get super fussy when he's awake. my only complaint is that he's growing too fast. today we carried on a full cooing conversation with eachother. the newborn phase is already over and he is getting stronger with each day.
i love my babies because they have all been so different looking, yet they all look like schofield's. i love my babies because they smell good and have such delicious hands and toes. i love my babies because they fall asleep and melt into me. i love my babies because they humble me to slow down when i let life get too busy. i love my babies because when they are sick i turn to prayer. i love my babies because they calm down when they hear my voice. i love my babies because their funny faces and body movements show so much character and spirit.
this is charlies "concerned" look...
he's inherited that from his mother.


bri said...

simply adorable.

berta said...

yummy, delicious, wonderful, amazing, scrumptious and gasp-inducing. I cannot wait to get my hands on him! He is getting so big.