Wednesday, April 6, 2011

tending reagan

While my sister sadie sweats it up at crossfit,
the boys and I tend reagan.
New things she's learned...
batman toys taste yummy,
mr. freeze's legs help soothe teething,
tade has a soft spot for babies,
aunt sara's royksopp, is not like my mama's britney...
but dance-able just the same,
charlie likes to pet me on the head,
tade is very protective of my toys,
naptime at the schofield house is noisy,
aunt sara is really pretty and cool and awesome and...
charlie wants his picture taken too.


Mistakenly Misunderstood said...

Super adorable!

Sadie Jane said...

Preciously precious! Seriously yo!! You are an amazing sista sista!! Thanks again!! I hope you are enjoying your coffee and anus as we speak!:)

Sara said...

i'm sure you meant "anise" sadie, hahaha:)

Liza said...

I want those three at my house now. Why is it that no matter how much you smooch and inhale them, its never enough?