Friday, April 15, 2011

5SF Edition 48

pulled pork sandwiches and
lotsa salads and delicious desserts at the
"Putting the Pasley's out to Pasture" party.
Amazing Jana orchestrated a goodbye party for our Bishop Jerry and his wife and my friend Judy tonight since they are sadly moving away.  She decorated everything so cute to match the theme, no surprise because have I mentioned that she's amazing.  Sweet Mindy made such a neat video slideshow of their family pictures... cute Aimee and the primary made a quilt with all the childrens handprints on it... and the young women put on a hilarious skit.  We were so worried we wouldn't have enough food to feed 200+ people, but just like the "loaves and fishes" there WAS enough for everyone... and then some.
I had been cooking (and cleaning) all day (totally worth it for such a fantastic woman like Judy!!) and several catastrophes happened along the way- burned butter that I forgot about cooking on the stove for caramel corn exploded when I poured it in a jar shooting shards of glass and melted grease everywhere, and Tade having a freak attack upon waking up from a nap panicked and peed all over the floor, I swear it was like he was holding the pacific ocean in his bladder (along with an "Oh Shiz" moment when I realized just how much pork I actually needed to cook) but things always turn out in the end, and even my sweet sister Sadie made some cookies to help me out... Thank you girlie!
This is some of what I brought...

30 lbs of Pork
I got the recipe from a cookbook from Sadie's mother in law Vicki... she is all things fabulous-
Pulled Pork Recipe:
for every 3-4 pounds of meat add
1 cup of salsa
1 cup of brown sugar
(I also added chopped green peppers and onions)
cook on low for 8 hours in your crockpot.

about Jerry and Judy's future adventures.  I heard her say tonight that she has lived in Idaho all her life and how weird it is to move to a different place.  Funny how one state over can have such a different atmosphere, but I remember feeling the exact same way about my move from Utah to Oregon, and then Utah to Idaho.  Change is hard at first... starting over is never easy... but it will get better with time, and they both have such warm and friendly personalities that making friends will be effortless.
visit Judy's great blog, she is also a wonderful photographer!

(i stole this picture from your facebook judy i hope you don't mind...
i just think you both look like movie stars!)
pictures of the Beard Place
I know this might sound crazy because this place is like a junk yard, but I kind of want to live here.

I first heard about them from black eiffel and have been chewing on their newest album English Riviera all week!

and this unrelated bitty is for fun...


Sadie Jane said...

LOVED that edition!! Everything you made looks so so so yummy and wonderful!! Hello broken glass and drama! Craziness!! WOW...and you still pulled off amazing salads and desserts and meat and EVERYTHING!! You truly are AMAZING!! those beard place pictures are AWESOME!! I remember one summer cleaning out that train car with caleb!! There was some crazy stuff in there!!

Judy said...

Sara.....You guys are the best. It was an amazing party and I felt so loved. I have only known you for a short time, but I love you more than I can say! Thanks for all your hard work. Sage Creek Ward Rocks!!!!

Sami Volcansek said...

What is The Board Place? It looks amazing. Love those pictures. I cannot believe that you made 30 lbs of pork that is nuts. NUTS I tell you. I just love you.