Friday, April 1, 2011

5SF Edition 46

eggs with parmesan and asparagus
hummus and pita chips
treats from loveys

Addy's cinnamon crumb cake
full of life and blessed by the people in it
I just stole away to Utah for less than 48 hours and tried to fit in as many visits as I could with family and friends that I don't get to see enough of.  Lunch with Shera from Oregon City... dinner to my sister Cheri who just had her fourth child three weeks ago... dessert with some of my old card group from Lehi... overnighter and breakfast with my dear Grandma Mary... lunch with darlings from Tooele with an early owl delivery to Nancy... dinner reunion with old chums from Farmington... and a quicky peek to get inspired at forever 21, dear lizzie, hip and humble, and koo de ker. I drove home after dinner on a natural high and my cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing so much... what a great feeling!  How did I get so lucky to be associated with such beautiful people?  This is one of the perks of moving so much throughout my life... meeting amazing people, and keeping those friendships even after leaving that place.  There are so many more I wish I could have seen... next time.
 cheri and tony's cute kids
 friends from lehi at applebees
 breakfast at grandma mary's
 friends from tooele at sostanza

friends from farmington at roosters
signs of spring awakening
green grasses pushing through last winters debris, dark silhouettes of nests and birds against the sky of setting sun, old homes awaiting new feathered families.

Oh Land


Sadie Jane said...

I loved this addition!! It just spotlights how awesome you are and how great of a friend you are to everyone! Next time you escape to Utah take me with yOU!