Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Giving Thanks

the day before we were to head up to island park and partake in thanksgiving festivities with my big rowdy family, two of my boys woke up with pink eye. fabulous. i informed the head honchos of our predicament and mentioned that out of courtesy for other kids and parents we would not be coming to "spread the pinky loveliness" this year. my dad simply would not let it be, and after several phone calls back and forth, a trip to the doctor for antibiotics and convincing me that they wouldn't be contagious, we were talked into coming. he assured me that no offense would be made... dad's biggest point of influence was that the boys could wear goggles, and whats the big deal anyways, a little pink eye never killed anyone.
so thanksgiving morning we awoke, eyes were in the clear, bags were packed and up we headed to a gorgeous wonderland for an old fashioned thanksgiving... complete with a horse drawn sleigh ride, home cooked fixin's, games, crackling wood fire and sledding. my baby was scheduled to come four days later, and i felt kinship with the turkey in the oven... i put on a smiley face and soaked up the precious family time (bloated as i was)... but so grateful.

*cute cousins apparently watching something funny*
* Mischa and her nine fresh puppies*
*sledding exhilaration*
*entrepreneur leprechaun*
*francheska and guido...come to my soul*
*averting double-chinness while in preparation*
*food glorious food*
*the grown up table*
*my little helpful pixie*
*many hands make light work*
*one horse open sleigh*
*handsome manly wood gatherers and choppers...
especially the second one in on the left... sighhhhhh*


LaurieKae said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time!! So glad dad was able to look past the pink eye, guess he has learned a few things in his old age. And you look *fabulous*!