Sunday, December 27, 2009

dear nurse sadie,

thank you for rearranging your schedule to be present at the birth of our baby,
thank you for videotaping a moment that otherwise i wouldn't have seen,
thank you for keeping my hospital mug fresh with icy cold water,
thank you for bringing me tasty crackers and candy,
thank you for staying on top of my meds,
thank you for making me laugh by telling me funny birthing stories even though it hurt like the dickens in my stomach,
thank you for rubbing my swollen feet with lotion in the middle of the night,
thank you for finding a fan to bring in my room,
thank you for swaddling and taking my baby so i could get some sleep,
thank you for being the very best labor and delivery nurse in the whole wide world!!!!!!!!


Sadie said...

Precious moments! THanks for the shout out Sara! And thanks for putting pictures on your blog of my at 3 AM~ Gotta love it! Love you tons I loved being your nurse i would do it anyday over and over again!

Karly said...

Is that your sister Sadie?