Thursday, April 16, 2009

great with child...the finale.

my people are so clever.
yes we are expecting number five,
and that will conclude baby making for good.
timing... yeah, not so hot.
in fact it took an intense dream,
fatigue, nausea, and a spiritual day at the temple
to even realize i was pregnant.
almost eleven weeks along now,
and i believe it was better for me not to know
i was pregnant during the move,
that would have pushed me over the mommy edge.
so we killed our first mouse the other day.
we've seen a couple since we've been here,
and in single form i can handle them, but
i keep waiting to open a cupboard door and have
a whole colony of them frozen in place staring back at me.
this special house has a long ways to go
bless it's pea pickin' country heart.
every time "something" comes up in the house,
and by "something" i mean...
fence control
dog poop
water issues
heating issues
where to put the sheep and chicken issues...
chris just smiles and says,
"remember sara, this is what you wanted so bad,
a house in the country!"
oh yes, i know, but it sounded so more romantic
in my head before i was pregnant
and tired, and couldn't tolerate musty smells,
and killing little things, and
the salivating and lack of appetite.
...this too shall pass.
at least papa bear gets a riding lawnmower out of it.
to keep my mind off what i'm going to force myself to eat next i'll talk about what the kids have been up to lately. they had a really neat "night at the art museum". each class chose an artist and made their own art likeness after that artist.

landon did georgia o'keeffe

addy did vincent van gogh

oliver started a new preschool.
he really loved his old preschool,
but he holds onto those good memories while he
embraces new ones in the bunny ears
that he can't stop wearing:)
miss pam and mrs. taft are both great teachers!

(yes, his pajamas are both too small and inside out)

our office space and computer are right below these sassy wooden spindles, and to remind me of his presence, tade will come and stick his cute chubby legs through and i get to grab them and play "gotcha" while i'm on the computer.

i love multi tasking!

Monday, April 13, 2009

who's that basket for?

easter was loverly.
i love to be reminded of the miracle of the resurrection. one of my favorite talks from the april conference this year was both humbling and inspiring.

traditional festivities included
saturday night egg dying.

easter basket finding

please contain your excitement

my grown up little lady


super genius

sunday easter dinner
and more egg and treat hunting

who's that basket for?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


happy spring world!
these next few days will bring lots of rain
which i'm wishing will aid in the green department.
it is rather beautiful nonetheless.

or as the Leprechaun likes to call him...
he has stolen my heart.
his marvelous caramel amber eyes look at me through the back window and i can't help but give him a snuggle. he is naughty though. he wants to escape. even with this big yard he yearns to be free. maybe if i give him enough cheerios he'll be tempted to stay.
this week's project includes de-wallpapering.
it takes much longer than i anticipated.
prep area
moisten paper
let sit
pull off paper
moisten second paper
let sit
pull of paper
clean wall
continue again and again
clean up your mess
sit on the couch and wonder over the three yards space you just completed...then feel discouraged by the other ten walls that need to be done...make yourself feel better by going into the kitchen to get a handful of swedish fish. ahhh, that's better.

you know you're country when your children
play freely in the backyard in their skivvies.

Friday, April 3, 2009

5SF Edition 33

i stocked up on a bunch of trader joe treats when i was in san diego, and since they are all natural without a bunch of junky preservatives, i have to gobble them up quick before they spoil...fine by me!

okay, you asked for it...
here are a few sneak peeks into our new home.





( xequemate)






(James Christensen)
(fab old school new wave)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

march madness

the move is finally
three weekends to get stuff
three trucks packed full
a week of illness
three days cleaning
tired muscles...
and i wish this was an april fools joke,
but last night the guest room flooded.
a pipe froze and burst.
the floor was soaked,
the walls were soaked,
but we are choosing to smile.
okay, papa bear is choosing to smile
that's why i'm behind the camera,
because i wasn't smiling.
on my last day in tooele,
exhausted and worn to the bone,
i cried like a baby as i drove away
from that beautiful house.
it's no longer ours.
i so didn't plan on having that reaction.
after putting so much care into
leaving it immaculately cleaned and
remembering all the good times
and hard work that went into
creating that house
i couldn't help but get emotional.
no more talk of moving.
we will talk of other things...
like pulling down wallpaper,
ripping out curtains,
replacing carpet
scooping up millions of leaves
preparing the garden
finding new surprises in this rad house
with each new obstacle that decides to pop by
i will CHOOSE to smile,
maybe through the tears,
but smiling nonetheless.