Friday, July 2, 2010


What is it like to give birth and shed that motherly figure that so delicately cushioned your baby?  It's hard man.  I've never been that hot at shedding those extra pounds gained each time I have a child, and so making a goal of running a 10k with my family was just the thing I needed to make sure I was working towards the prize.  I feel so lucky to have a family that makes memories by promoting a healthy lifestyle and supporting eachother along the journey no matter what fitness level you are at.  Dad made this run extra special by surprising us with tshirts and naming it "The Yea-hoo Gallup" in honor of our beloved passed dog Spam.  He had speakers booming at the start and finish line with heart pumping music, balloons, access bars and plenty of water.  You could just feel the love in the air, and my sweet husband and kids cheered me along the way in our blue swagger wagon... Tade even helped me finish off the race and I'm so proud of Addy for running the whole thing with our dog Tucker.  I'm sooo not a natural runner like some of my siblings... I sweat like a banshee and did my fair share of jiggling, but now I'm down to pre-pregnancy weight and with our next family goal of running Ragnar in Vegas, I'm sure to lose the rest that I've been lugging around all these years. 
Here's to healthy living!


wilkinson_fam said...

You are already back to your pre-preg weight? YOU GO GIRL! Didn't you JUST have that babe? I just got back to my pre-preg weight a few weeks ago and Bennett is one! Now for the final 35 left over from Ashton . . .

BTW - I am just starting to run. What are your pointers? What training schedule did you use? I am ALL EARS.